Lash Lift – The Beauty Industry’s New Craze

By now you’ve likely heard about Lash lift, the quick, relatively inexpensive and semi-permanent process that lifts your eyelashes to new heights. But you may not know the specifics of this roughly one-hour procedure that has the beauty industry buzzing.

The Retreat’s licensed esthetician Katharine D. is an Elleebana-certified Lash Lift specialist, and her enthusiasm about the results of this service comes from personal experience.

“I had Lash Lift done about a year ago and I was instantly sold,” recalls Katharine. “I knew I wanted to work Lash Lift into my budget every few months because the results were amazing. I loved how my eyes looked wide open without having to curl my eyelashes.”

The Retreat offers two Lash Lift options: 1) Lash Lift – $85; and 2) Lash Lift + Lash Tint – $99, which darkens the lashes for a more dramatic effect. For a limited time, take 20% off your choice of Lash Lift service.

So, what does the service look and feel like? First, you’ll arrive without eye makeup. Lashes are cleaned, primed, perfectly positioned and separated for optimum results. Because Lash Lift is a chemical treatment (think of a permanent solution for the hair that locks in curl for approximately 8 weeks), there is a 20-minute processing time while you’re lying down comfortably. Following product removal, eyelashes are optionally tinted, which requires another 20-minute processing period. When administered by a trained professional, Lash Lift is perfectly safe and comfortable for the client. Lashes are lifted from the root to create an open-eyed look with the illusion of longer lashes.

“What I love about this service,” says Katharine, “is that there is less maintenance than eyelash extensions, no special aftercare, and the process is suitable for all lash lengths.”

After your Lash Lift service, you’ll want to keep your lashes as dry as possible for up to 24 hours while the chemical “sets”. A take-home lash conditioning product is recommended to boost eyelash health and growth.

“While there are several Lash Lift brands, we chose the Elleebana formula because it nourishes and conditions as it lifts,” says Katharine. “I’m confident our clients are going to love Lash Lift as much as I do, and I expect they’ll come back over and over again.”